(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

enigmatist (s) (noun), enigmatists (pl)
A maker or producer of riddles: Gisela was a well-known enigmatist who produced puzzles in the form of questions and rhymes that contained clues to the answers.

One question written by the enigmatist was: "Why did Sam get a job at the bakery? Because he kneaded dough".

entomologist (s) (noun), entomologists (pl)
Someone who specializes in the study of insects: Ever since he was a little boy, Lorne has loved to watch butterflies, so he decided to become an entomologist in order to learn more about such small creatures, like ants, beetles, and flies.
A biologist who studies insect creatures.
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entomotomist (s) (noun), entomotomists (pl)
Someone who practices the dissections of insects.
epidemiologist (s) (noun), epidemiologiss (pl)
A specialist in the medical study of causes and transmissions of diseases among people.
A real or legendary person whose name has been used as an eponym.
equilibrist (s) (noun), equilibrists (pl)
Those who are skilled in special forms of balancing; especially rope-walkers or acrobats: The circus had a group of outstanding equilibrists who astonished the visitors with their magnificent performances.
A performer of tightrope walking.
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A person who keeps his balance on a tighrope when sleeping.
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A specialist in the science of desert life.
One who studies deserts.
errinophilist, errinophile (s) (noun); errinophilists; errinophiles (pl)
A collector o stamps other than those used for postage: Mr. Green was an errinophilist and saved Christmas seals, tax stamps, etc. from all over the world.
Someone who devotes himself/herself to erudition or training.
eschatologist (s) (noun), eschatologists (pl)
1. Someone who has a belief in ultimate or final things; such as, death, the destiny of humanity, the Second Coming of Christ, or the Last Judgment.
2. A person who preaches about the last days; such as, death, resurrection, judgment, immortality, the end of the world, etc.
essayist (s) (noun), essayists (pl)
1. A writer of short compositions: Madeline was an essayist who often wrote short pieces for newspapers on a variety of subjects.
2. Etymology: from Late Latin exagium, "a weighing, weight", from Latin exigere "to test"; from ex-, "out" + agere, apparently meaning in this example as "to weigh".