hylo-, hyle-, hyl-

(Greek: wood, forest, substance, matter; material, materialism)

A marsh plant.
hylacolous (adjective), more hylacolous, most hylacolous
hylephobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
1. An extreme dread of materialism: Tom, affected by hylephobia, loved living in the rural area instead of in the busy city and he felt that he was living very comfortably, believing that worldly possessions did not provide for his well-being and also not offer him the highest values in his life.
2. An irrational horror of epilepsy: Some people, suffering from hylephobia, fear having an epileptic seizure, especially in the presence of others, or they can also be quite troubled with seeing someone else having such a seizure.
The recording of the activities of cells as they respond to environmental influences.
hylocole (verb), hylocoles; hylocoled; hylocoling
Living in forests.
hylodophile (s) (noun), hylodophiles (pl)
A form of life that exists in dry open woodland: Dry woody plants, or hylodophiles, thrive in dry forest areas.
hylodophilous (adjective), more hylodophilous, most hylodophilous
Pertaining to an animal or plant that loves living in dry woods: There are some hylodophilous plants that thrive in wooded areas and among them are the foxglove, the sweet woodruff and wood sage.
hylodophily (s) (noun) (no pl)
The situation of a life form thriving in dry open woodland areas: After looking for more information about hylodophily for her homework, Violet found out that such plants as the red campion and wood anemones grow well in such areas.

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