hylo-, hyle-, hyl-

(Greek: wood, forest, substance, matter; material, materialism)

An excessive tendency towards materialism or a fascination for forests.
1. The belief that all material objects are made up of matter, which is only potential, and form, which makes the object an actuality.
2. The theory that every physical object is composed of two principles, an unchanging prime matter and a form deprived of actuality with every substantial change of the object.
3. A metaphysical view according to which every natural body consists of two intrinsic principles, one potential (namely, primary matter) and one actual (namely, substantial form); the permanent principle is matter, the actual principle is form.
hylopathic (adjective) (not comparable)
Referring to the theory that matter is affected by spirits: In the newspaper there was a small article about hylopathic research in progress regarding supernatural beings being able to influence or have an impact on matter or substances.
hylopathy (s) (noun) (no pl)
An outdated term, the ability of a supernatural being to enter and affect matter: Nancy found out in her book that hylopathy could also relate to a disease that could be affected or changed by a spirit in a person's body.
hylophagous, hylophage, hylophagy
Feeding on wood; such as, termites.
hylophile (s) (noun), hylophiles (pl)
One who has an affinity for forests: Sam was a real hylophile because he loved camping each vacation in the woods, and then he decided to live permanently in the woods.
hylophilous (s) (adjective), more hylophilous, most hylophilous
Descriptive of an animal or vegetation that thrives in the forest: There are many hylophilous plants in a woodland, including a wildflowers, shrubs, and, of course, trees.
hylophily (s) (noun) (no pl)
In biology, the circumstance of a life form thriving in or living in forests: Jill found out that hylophily applied to vines and mosses growing in the woods, as well as some animals, like faxes, raccoons, and chipmunks dwelling there, too!
hylophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An irrational aversion of forests: Afflicted with hylophobia, Toby wouldn't go alone through the woods because he was so afraid of getting lost!
hylotheism (s) (noun), hylotheisms (pl)
1. The belief that God and the material world are the same.
2. The doctrine that God and matter or the material universe are identical or united as one; material pantheism.

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