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agrestic (adjective), more agrestic, most agrestic
1. Of or pertaining to the country or fields, as opposed to the city; rural; rustic; socially unpolished, hence, uncouth: Denise's social behavior was dominated by the agrestic social surroundings of the rural countryside in which she was reared.
2. Conveying a socially unpolished or awkward conduct: Mary's husband had agrestic behavior which indicated that he was not very sophisticated nor cosmopolitan despite having lived 30 years in the city after he retired from his agricultural life.
3. A reference to something that is used by people in the perfume and flavor industries to describe a special aroma: Elizabeth used a variety of scents that were manufactured to have the agrestic smell of the countryside, such as hay, heather, forest depths, or meadows.
Rustic, rural, an unpolished behavior.
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Socially unpolished, not very sophisticated nor cosmopolitan; rural, rustic, or unsophisticated. (1)