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syndicate (SIN di kayt") (verb), syndicates; syndicated; syndicating
1. To organize or to form a company consisting of people who want to promote a business undertaking: After completing their university studies, a small group of graduate students wanted to establish their own firm to syndicate sports events to TV stations.
2. To sell articles, comic strips, or photographs to several different newspapers or magazines for publication at the same time: There is a professional group that syndicates Monica's daily vocabulary cartoons to several newspapers throughout the nation and overseas.

syndicate (SIN di kit") (s) (noun), syndicates (pl)
1. An association of people who work together to carry out a business, an enterprise, or some other common objective.
2. A group of newspapers that have the same owner or are managed by one company.
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syndicate (SIN di kayt")
Organizing and establishing associations to promote businesses or to distribute articles or images to publications for financial reasons is what this cate is explaining.
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