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sycophant (SIK uh fuhnt, SIGH kuh fuhnt) (s) (noun), sycophants (pl)
1. Someone who tries to please another person in order to gain a personal advantage: Julie was a sycophant who flattered her brother so he would loan her his car.
2. A person who attempts to win favor by overly praising influential people; especially, those who are famous or rich: There are sycophants who will say wonderful things to others who are their superiors so they can promote themselves towards greater success in their careers or desires.

Since a sycophant is defined as someone who wants to win favor or advance himself or herself by flattering people in high positions; such a person is also referred to as: "a bootlicker, a flunky, a fawner, an apple polisher, a backslapper, or a toady."

3. Etymology: from Greek sykophantesand from Latin sycophanta, "servile flattery."
A person who attempts to win favor with those of influence.
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Someone who attempts to win some favorable compensation from another person.
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A flatterer.
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Someone who uses excessive praise or flattery with another person in order to gain an advantage or to obtain some desired personal objective from him or her. (3)