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surreptitious (adjective), more surreptitious, most surreptitious
1. Referring to something that is accomplished or done by stealth or in a cautious way without anyone being aware of what is going on: Jacob made a surreptitious or a covert glance at a young woman.
2. Relating to an action that is done in a sneaky procedure in order to avoid notice: The cat approached the mouse in a surreptitious way so it could get close enough to catch the rodent.
3. Etymology: in about 1443, from Latin surrepticius, "stolen, furtive, secret, clandestine"; from surreptus, past participle of surripere, "to seize, to take away secretly, to steal".

The word is made up of two parts: sub, "from under" (secretly) + rapere, "to snatch, to seize".

Sneaking around.
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Done by stealth.
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Sneaking a peek.
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A description of someone behaving in a quiet and secret way so no one sees or hears the person. (2)