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surcease (s) (noun), surceases (pl)
1. A discontinuance, a stopping, or the end of something: Karen's brother was teasing her without surcease even though she asked him several times to leave her alone.
2. A relief or a consolation: The doctor prescribed drugs that were supposed to be a surcease from the terrible pain that Karl was suffering with after he fell and fractured his arm.
A discontinuance, a stopping.
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surcease (verb), surceases; surceased; surceasing
1. To stop or to bring something to an end: The neighbors were hoping that the noise from the late outdoor musical would surcease so they could get some sleep.
2. Etymology: from Anglo-French surseser; from Old French sursis, past participle of surseoir, "to refrain, to delay"; from Latin supersedere, "to sit on top of, to stay clear of, to abstain from, to forbear, to refrain from"; from super, "above" + sedere, "to sit".
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A stopping or the end of something. (1)