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sorcery (s) (noun), sorceries (pl)
1. The use of supernatural powers with the assistance of evil spirits usually in order to harm other people: When Mark found out that his wife was having an affair with another man, he paid a woman who was a specialist in sorcery, to make his wife's new boy friend fall in love with another woman and not have anything to do with his married partner anymore.
2. Etymology: from Old French sorcerie, from sorcier, "sorcerer", from Vulgar Latin sortiarius; literally, "someone who influences fate or fortune", from Latin sors, "lot, fate, fortune".

Sort (noun) from Old French sorte "class, kind", from Latin sortem, "lot, fate, share, portion, rank, category". The sense that evolved in Vulgar Latin is from "what is allotted to one by fate," to "fortune, condition", to "rank, class, order".

The use of supernatural powers over others.
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The use of evil supernatural powers over other people and their affairs.
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Witchcraft or black magic.
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The practice of performing supernatural powers over others with the help of evil spirits or black magic. (3)