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sophisticate (suh FIS ti kayt") (verb), sophisticates; sophisticated; sophisticating
To cause a person to have a great deal of knowledge about the world and about culture, art, literature, etc.: As a result of traveling and studying the various socially transmitted behavior patterns, beliefs, institutions, and all of the other results of human works and thoughts over the years, the anthropologist had been sophisticated beyond belief.

People are finding that the contents of Patrick's novel is sophisticating many of his readers.

Tom’s university education had sophisticated his language and behavior so much that his friends didn’t feel comfortable being with him anymore when he was visiting his family in the village.

2. To make more complex or inclusive; to refine: The professor asked his students to sophisticate their essays before they turned them in for evaluations and grades.

sophisticate (s) (suh FIS ti kit", suh FIS ti kuht") (noun), sophisticates (pl)
Someone who is knowledgeable about the ways of the world and about culture, taste, and refined manners: Tom's daughter was a well educated sophisticate who did a great deal of traveling for her company and met many other sophisticates who increased the qualities of her experiences.
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sophisticate (suh FIS ti kayt")
Now cate will present information about causing people to become more advanced and self-confident in their thinking about the world and not to be easily deceived by others.
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