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solatium (s) (noun), solatia (pl)
1. Compensation for emotional suffering, injured feelings, various inconveniences, griefs, etc. (as opposed to physical injury or financial loss, etc.): An acceptable solatium in the form of an apology was offered to Mrs. Evans by the manager when the salesman was rude to her.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. Department of Defense or DOD, gave monetary assistance in the form of solatia and condolence payments to Iraqi and Afghan people who had relatives who were killed or injured; and to those who had property damage as a result of U.S. or coalition forces’ actions during the war.

—United States Government Accountability Office;
Washington, DC 20548
2. Etymology: from Latin solacium, from solari, "to console, to soothe, to assuage"; literally, solace, comfort.
Compensation for injuries or hurt feelings.
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To make up for an emotional suffering, injured feelings, or an insult with an apology or a monetary reward. (1)