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Sisyphean (sis" uh FEE uhn, sis" i FEE uhn) (adjective), more Sisyphean, most Sisyphean
A reference to endlessly laborious or futile and heartbreaking toils or conditions when anyone is engaged in a very difficult situation or work: A Sisyphean task comes from the legend of Sisyphus, an ancient, crafty, and cruel king of ancient Corinth, Greece, who was condemned for eternity in Hades, for crimes against his subjects, to continuously roll a huge boulder up a steep hill, only to have it roll downhill again just before it reached the top; so he had to roll it uphill again, and again, "ad infinitum" or forever.
Condemned to an endless task of rolling a stone up a hill over and over again.
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Descriptive of something that is endlessly difficult.
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A reference to futile and endless repetition of labor or drudgery. (1)