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sedulous (adjective), more sedulous, most sedulous
1. Characterized by being persevering and constant in an effort to accomplish a goal or an objective: The sedulous economists were in search of all of the latest facts and figures regarding what to expect in the current monetary conditions.
2. Etymology: borrowed from Latin sedulus, "attentive, painstaking"; probably evolved from the adverb sedulo, "sincerely, diligently"; representing an earlier Latin se dolo. "without deception or guile"; from se. "without" + dolo, dolus, "deception, guile" + suffix -ous, "having much, full of".
Diligent in pursuit or purpose.
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Constant and persevering in striving to achieve one's objective.
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A reference to being diligent and persistent when striving to achieve a goal or an objective. (2)