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rubricate (ROO bri kayt") (verb), rubricates; rubricated; rubricating
1. To decorate manuscripts, etc. with letters, titles, and headings, that are printed in red; in whole or in parts: The monks were skilled at rubricating the lettering in some of the manuscripts that are now located in the local library.
2. To format or arrange material for printing: The printer’s assistant was directed to rubricate the sermon that the pastor gave them.
3. A church calendar which indicates a red-letter day honoring a saint: Ivan rubricated the calendar from his church with a scarlet or rose colored heart to honor St. Valentine.
4. To sign with a mark instead of a name or in addition to a signature: The unschooled man rubricated the lease in addition to his attorney's signature which legalized the contract.
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rubricate (ROO bri kayt")
This cate is clarifying the decorating of things and/or preparing them for printing.
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