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resuscitate (verb), resuscitates; resuscitated; resuscitating
1. To revive or to restore consciousness; especially, to recover someone from an apparent death: Greg was able to resuscitate the drowned person so he could breath and become conscious again.

Shelby resuscitated the withered plants on her balcony with water and the leaves regained their natural appearance by the next day.
2. To revive a lack of interest in something: Marilyn resuscitated the members of the project so they would work in harmony and strive to complete the objectives given to them by their executive.
3. Etymology: from an earlier resuscit (about 1375), from Late Latin resuscitationem; from Latin resuscitatus, resuscitare. "to rouse again, to revive"; from re-, "again" + suscitare, "to raise, to revive"; from sub, "(up from) under" + citare, "to summon, to call".

To revive and to restore vigor for something.
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To revive or to restore life and give vigor to someone. (1)