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resilient (adjective), more resilient, most resilient
1. Pertaining to the ability to recover quickly from setbacks or referring to the capability of springing back or rebounding from a disadvantageous situation: The resilient athletes were able to win the game despite having such a low score during the first half.

Resilient children can usually recover from minor accidents more quickly than other less resilient ones.

2. Regarding something that can fly back quickly into shape after being twisted, expanded, or squashed: Rubber is one of the most resilient products that we know about.
3. Marked by the ability to recover readily, as from misfortune or disastrous situations: "The killers who struck this week are brutal and violent," President Bush said, "but terror will not have the final word because the people of India are resilient. They can withstand this trial."
4. Descriptive of something that is capable of regaining strength, being healthy again, or having successful results after something bad has occurred: Many people are hoping that the economy will be resilient and recover from the monetary losses that took place.
5. With computer technology, the ability to recover from a failure: The resilient site was "up" and available to users again after having been "down" for over two hours because of technical problems.
6. Etymology: from about 1626, from Latin resiliens, resilire, "to rebound, to recoil"; from re-, "back" + salire, "to jump, to leap".
Returning to the original position or shape; showing recovery.
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The ability to recover quickly, as from a misfortune or a disastrous situation; showing the power of recovery. (1)