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repugnant (adjective), more repugnant, most repugnant
1. A reference to something that is offensive and completely unacceptable: The idea of wearing a swimsuit to a formal dinner is an example of repugnant social conduct.
2. Descriptive of something that is very disturbing and can make people feel physically repelled or disgusted: Because the changing room at the gym hadn't been aired out and six P.E. periods had taken place that day, the room had quite a repugnant odor!
3. Relating to a person who is offensive or repulsive by behaving immorally and badly: Rebecca displayed total repugnant behavior by encouraging other students to drink alcoholic beverages before school in the morning.
4. Etymology: from Latin repugnantem, repugnans and repugnare, "to fight back, to resist"; from re-, "back" + pugnare, "to fight".
Relating to something that is repulsive, distasteful, or offensive.
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Referring to something that is offensive to the taste.
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A reference to being offensive and completely unacceptable; a stinking odor. (2)