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replica (s) (noun), replicas (pl)
1. An accurate reproduction or copy of an object; such as, a statue, a machine, or a weapon: Mark and Jane bought an exact replica of an ancient Roman urn during their trip to Italy.
2. A very close copy of a work of art; especially, one that is made, authorized, or supervised by the original artist: When a fire destroyed part of the local art museum, Jerome was asked to make replicas of his paintings to replace those that burned up.
A reproduction or copy of a work of art.
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exact replica
This entry is located in the following unit: Pleonasms or Tautological Redundancies (page 8)
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Etymology: in 1824, from Italian replica, "copy, repetition, reply"; from Latin replicare, "to repeat".
This entry is located in the following unit: Italian words in English (page 4)
A copy or a reproduction of a work of art; such as, a painting or an object. (1)