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recidivist (s) (noun), recidivists (pl)
1. Someone who continues to commit crimes even though he or she has been caught and imprisoned; a repeat offender: Ebony's husband has been categorized as a recidivist because he keeps going back to his previous criminal habits.
2. Etymology: "a relapsed criminal", from French r├ęcidiviste; which came from r├ęcidiver, "to fall back, to relapse", from Medieval Latin recidivare, "to relapse into sin" (Latin as it was written and spoken during approximately 700-1500 A.D.), from Latin recidivus, "falling back"; from recidere, "to fall back", from re-, "back, again" + caedere, "to fall".
An habitual criminal.
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Someone who persists or perseveres in criminal acts. (1)