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ratiocination (rash" ee ahs" uh NAY shuhn) (s) (noun) , ratiocinations (pl)
1. Exact thinking or the process of logical and methodical reasoning: Victor used ratiocination and the available evidence to solve the crime.
2. A reasoned train of thought which is rational, valid, and exact: When asked to explain why he invested so much in the company, Larry said he used all kinds of ratiocinations before he committed himself to get involved with the newly formed business.
3. Etymology: from Latin ratiocincationem and ratiocincatio, "a reasoning", from ratiocincatu, the past participle of ratiocinare, "to calculate, to deliberate"; from ratio, "reckoning, calculation, business affair, procedure" + -cinari, which probably is related to conari, "to try".
Logical Reasoning.
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A train of thought.
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The process of logical, exact, and methodical reasoning. (2)