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prudence (s) (noun) (no plural)
1. Careful and sensible; marked by sound judgment: Margaret seems to be able to exercise prudence with her finances by making sure that she has enough money for any unexpected monetary needs!
2. Having good sense in dealing with practical matters: Pioneer women in North America had to use prudence when managing their households.
3. Using good judgment to consider likely consequences and to act accordingly: Before leaving on an extensive safari, Adam exerted his prudence and consulted with the infectious disease clinic to be sure he had all the immunizations he would need.
4. Careful in managing resources so as to provide for the future: Ecologists are very concerned about the lack of prudence by previous generations which have resulted in such severe environmental conditions; including, climate change, rising tides, etc.
5. Etymology: "wisdom to see what is virtuous" or "what is suitable or profitable", from Old French prudence (13th century); from Latin prudentia, "foresight, sagacity"; a contraction of providentia, "foresight"; from Latin providere, "to look ahead, to prepare, to supply"; from pro-, "ahead" + videre, "to see".
The ability to discipline, or to control, oneself with good reasoning.
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Having good sense in dealing with practical matters; using good judgment to consider the possible consequences of doing the wrong thing and to act accordingly. (1)