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prototype (s) (noun), prototypes (pl)
1. The original form of something, which has the essential features and is the model for subsequent forms: Ralph is developing a prototype for his new computer application.
2. A first full-size functional model to be manufactured; such as, a car or a machine: The newspaper has an article stating that a prototype of the newest solar-powered car will be on display next week.
3. A standard example of a particular kind, class, or group of something: Anita is one of the prototypes of successful business people.
4. In biology, a primitive form believed to be the original type of a species or group, exhibiting the essential features of the later type: The ancient drawings on the wall of the cave suggest prototypes of the animals that currently exist in the area.
An original type or form.
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An early and typical form or example that serves as a model for future development. (1)