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perspective, prospective, prospectus
perspective (puhr SPEK tiv) (noun)
1. The technique for representing an object seen by the eyes on a flat or curved surface: Janette presented an excellent perspective in her still-life drawings.
2. A way or manner of thinking about and understanding a situation or subject: The worried student took a long walk, after which his problems seemed to have taken on a new and more manageable perspective.
3. The process of being able to see or understand a situation in its true or relative importance: With the new perspective on the state of affairs, the committee was able to make sound recommendations.
4. A view which gives the impression of distance: The perspective from the hill was lovely but Stanley was glad the walk back to the village was short.
5. The appearance to the beholder of objects with respect to their relative positions and distance: By standing across the room, the artist was able to get a better perspective of the large painting she was working on.
prospective (pruh SPEK tiv) (adjective)
1. Descriptive of a situation that is likely to happen or to come about: Corinne was a prospective mother and the baby was due in two months.
2. Relating to the future: Alan wrote a long novel in the hope of getting a prospective bonus from the publisher.
prospectus (pruh SPEK tuhs) (noun)
1. A printed statement that summarizes or describes a business and is for distribution to potential investors: Fern received the prospectus about the mining company and an invitation to attend their annual meeting.
2. A statement outlining the main features of a new work or business enterprise or an established institution: such as, a college, hotel, business, etc.: The prospectus from the bank suggested that high interest rates were a thing of the past and that loans would be more difficult to arrange.

The prospective new illustrator for the firm sent in a detailed portfolio. It was easy to evaluate Shawn's application because he had an excellent artistic perspective as shown in his drawings.

Once the firm hired Luis, he applied to the bank for a loan, submitting a well prepared prospectus detailing how the loan was to be used.

prospective (adjective) (not comparable)
Descriptive of being a specified thing in the future or likely to happen: A special presentation for prospective workers was held by the company so everyone could be aware of the desired qualifications.
Relating to something that is likely to take place or to happen.
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Pertaining to something that is expected to be or to take place in the future. (1)