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prepossess (verb), prepossesses; prepossessed; prepossessing
1. To preoccupy the mind to the exclusion of other thoughts or feelings: Jack was prepossessed and consumed with sorrow of losing his wife in the car accident.
2. To influence beforehand against or in favor of someone or something; to prejudice: Joan's mother was quite biased and prepossessed of her daughter being the most beautiful girl in her class at school.
3. To impress favorably in advance or beforehand: Seeing the young and beautiful violist on stage prepossessed the audience even before she started playing!
prepossessing (adjective) (usually not comparable)
1. Creating a pleasing, attractive, or favorable impression: Ann's grandson is a prepossessing musician who has talents that people like very much.
2. Etymology: from Latin, "to get possession of beforehand", from pre-, "before" + possess, "have, hold"; meaning "to possess a person beforehand with a feeling, notion, etc."; specifically, "to cause people to have a positive feeling about something or another person".
Having a favorable impression; pleasing, attractive.
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Making a pleasing first impression.
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Making a pleasing and attractive impression.
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Characteristic of presenting an impression that pleases or which attracts others and provides confidence that someone is an exceptional person. (3)