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precursor (s) (noun), precursors (pl)
1. A person or something that comes before an action or a situation, as in a job, a method, etc.: Taking advanced computer classes, especially programming, can be a precursor to being qualified for better paying jobs with businesses or individuals.
2. A person, animal, or thing that happens before and indicates the approach of someone or something else; a harbinger or foretelling: The budding of tree leaves is a precursor of spring and so is the sight of certain birds, such as robins.
3. Someone or something that comes before and is often considered to lead to the development of another person or thing: Small tremors can be precursors to earthquakes.

Lightening is almost always the precursor to thunder.

6. An individual who held a position or a job before someone else: Being a skilled writer was Mark's precursor to being a full-time reporter for the local newspaper.
Something which indicates or announces that something is about to happen.
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A forerunner of that which goes before to indicate that an event is about to take place.
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Someone or something which precedes or indicates another action or event that is to come or to follow. (2)