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posture (s) (noun), postures (pl)
1. The way in which a person arranges his or her body when standing or sitting: The postures of people involve the positions in which their bodies appear when they remain upright, seated, kneeling, or when they are lying down.

Some people, including Jack and Jill, need to be reminded to maintain good postures and not slouch in their seats while working on their computers.

2. The mental attitude that a person has about a subject or the thought that an individual assumes: Grace's posture on the idea of climate change was well-known.
3. A particular way of dealing with or considering something: The company representatives adopted a more militant posture in the wage negotiations with the unions.
The position of the body or the mental attitude or frame of mind.
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posture (verb), postures; postured; posturing
1. Acting in an exaggerated or fanciful manner: As a teacher, sometimes Mr. Hanks postured in front of his class as a way to get the attention of the students.
2. The process of arranging or positioning one's body: The model postured herself as she was directed by the artist.
3. To take or to assume an unusual attitude: The professor was posturing on the notion of free speech in order to challenge her students.
4. To behave in a way which is intended to impress or to mislead other people: Adam usually postures his anger by pretending to be content with what is going on at work even when it upsets him.
(Latin: to lie [in a horizontal position or posture]; to lie down, to lie asleep)
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The way in which a person arranges his or her body when standing or sitting; an attitude or frame of mind that a person assumes. (1)