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poise (s) (noun) (usually no plural)
1. Calmness and relaxation in behavior, even during difficult situations: Melba kept her poise even while she was being severely criticized.
2. A graceful and calm way of sitting, moving, walking, standing, etc.: Elisa is a dancer who has great poise and grace.
Dignity of manner and behavior even in extremely bad situations.
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Balance of manner and behavior under very difficult circumstances.
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poise (verb), poises; poised; poising
1. A controlled and relaxed way of behaving, even in difficult situations.
2. A calm self-assured dignity; especially, in dealing with social situations.
3. A graceful controlled way of standing, moving, or performing an action.
4. A state of hovering or being in suspension, as from equality or equal distribution of weight.
5. The ability to conduct oneself confidently and comfortably; self-possession.
6. Etymology: "weight, quality of being heavy", later "significance, importance" (mid-15th century), from Old French pois, "weight, balance, consideration"; from Medieval Latin pesum, "weight", from Latin pensum and pendere, "to weigh".

The sense of "steadiness, composure" was first recorded in the 1640's, from the notion of being equally weighted on either side.

The verb is first recorded in the late 14th century, "to have a certain weight", from Old French peser, from Vulgar Latin pesare; from Latin pensare. "to weigh carefully", and pendere, "to weigh".

This entry is located in the following unit: pend-, -pens, -pense, -pending, -pended (page 7)
poise, poise, poised
poise (POIZ) (noun)
1. A calm, confident manner: Although Jeremy was verbally attacked, he responded with poise and dignity.
2. A graceful way of walking, moving, standing, etc.: Trudy was a dancer with great poise and elegance.
poise (POIZ) (verb)
1. To hold something in a balanced and steady position: The teacher saw the students poise their fingers over their computer keyboards as they waited for his signal to begin the assigned research on the internet.
2. To hold or to support, as in readiness: The congressional committee wants to poise a new proposal for the health bill.
poised (POIZ'd) (verb), past tense
1. Not having moved, but ready to move when the situation calls for such action: All of the actors were poised on the stage prepared to do their parts when the curtain was opened.
2. Prepared or ready for something: The new senator-elect was poised to take on his new duties.

They were poised to become top scholars in their academic fields.

3. Having been in a state, place, or situation that was between two different or opposite things: The survivors of the earthquake were poised between struggling as survivors and additional devastation.

A Roman gladiator cut the noose that was thrown by an opponent with a single slash of his sword while the rope was still poised in mid-air.

The politician was poised to answer the questions from the press with poise even after being attacked for his current political position regarding the war.

Poise is the ability to hide one's anger; or, poise is the ability to be ill at ease without showing it.

Scintillate, scintillate, globule vivific!

Fain would I fathom thy nature specific,

Distantly poised in the ether capacious,

Closely resembling a gem carbonaceous.

Did you have difficulty understanding this sesquipedalian version of the poem? If so, here it is in a simple format.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star!

How I wonder what you are,

Up above the world so high,

Like a diamond in the sky.

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That quality that enables someone to buy a new pair of shoes while ignoring a hole in his/her sock.
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Having self-composure and maintaining calmness even under difficult conditions or during bad situations. (2)