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philosophic (adjective), more philosophic, most philosophic
1. Pertaining to an explanation of the concepts of the meanings of life and of whatever is best: Whenever Tom was in a philosophic mood, he always looked very thoughtful and was concerned about how he could help others who were having difficult problems.
2. Referring to a conception of thoughts about the best way to live or how to accomplish important objectives: Carol had philosophic procedures for being successful in achieving something that is of value or worthwhile.
3. Characterizing a quiet and sensible frame of mind; being reasonable and sensible: It was good that Lisa had such a philosophic attitude of calmness when she was told that she would have to wait a little longer until the mechanic could finish repairing the water pump in her car.
Sensibly calm or composed in a difficult situation.
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Relating to being calm and rational even during a very difficult situation. (1)