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peccadillo (pek" uh DIL oh) (s) (noun), peccadillos (pl)
1. A small or venial fault or sin; a trifling offense: Helena's supervisor considered her late five-minute arrival at work a peccadillo and so he didn't say anything about it; at least, not this time.
2. A petty crime or unimportant offense or fault: Harriet was fortunate that the police officer considered her walking across the street when the traffic light was yellow a peccadillo and not something more serious.
3. Etymology: from Spanish pecadillo, pecado, "a sin"; from Latin peccatum, "a sin, a fault, an error"; from peccare, "to make a mistake, to sin".
A minor offense or an insignificant immoral action.
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A small or insignificant fault or offense. (1)