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paucity (PAW si tee) (s) (noun), paucities (pl)
1. The presence of something only in small or inadequate quantities or amounts; a scarcity: There was a paucity of information when Sheila asked where she could get a loan to buy a new car.

The poor test results by the students indicate that they either have a paucity of intelligence or the teacher has a paucity of teaching skills.

2. An amount that is less than what someone needs or wants: When Mark received the medical report, he found that it contained a paucity of details as to what medication he should take.

The hikers had to go back down the mountain earlier than expected because there was a paucity of supplies for them to survive any longer.

Few or not very many.
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Scarcity or an insufficient amount.
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Very few in number.
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Small or inadequate quantities or amounts; a scarcity of something. (3)