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paronomasia (par" uh noh MAY zhuh) (s) (noun), paronomasias (pl)
1. A humorous clowning around with words or wordplay: Rose liked to use paronomasias that manipulate the sounds and double meanings of terms or verbal expressions..

A "pun" is a synonym of paronomasia in that both of them are short and clever remarks often followed by long groans.

2. Etymology: via Latin from Greek paronomasia, from para-, "beside" + onomasia, "naming" which came from Greek onomazein, "to name"; from onoma, "a name".
Playing with a different meaning for a word.
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A pun, playing with words .
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Playing with words that have the same sound but different meanings.
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A humorous playing with words that have more than one meaning or a twisting of words that are puns. (2)