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parlous (adjective), more parlous, most parlous
1. Fraught with danger; that is, accompanied by problems, dangers, or difficulties: Chad embarked on a parlous trip down the river and over the rapids.
2. Full of or expressing nervous tension and anxiety: Shanna's mood was most parlous when she was preparing to make her first speech as a member of the government.
3. Etymology: a contraction of perilous; from Old French perillous (French périlleux), "dangerous, hazardous"; from Latin periculosus, which came from periculum, "dangerous".
Full of danger and problems.
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Full of danger and perils.
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Dangerously clever or mischievous.
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Dangerously clever and shrewd.
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1. Characterized with uncertainty, danger, or risk.
2. Mischievous; so, keen and shrewd. (4)