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obdurate (AHB doo rit) (adjective), more obdurate, most obdurate
1. Stubborn or unyielding; obstinate: Caroline responded with an obdurate refusal to arrive for work on Thanksgiving Day when her supervisor told her to show up.

Trina's obdurate little girl refused to eat her vegetables at dinner.

2. Hardened in feelings or heart; not repentant: Bob's cousin was an obdurate criminal who refused to change his ways.
3. Etymology: from Latin ob-, "against" + durus, "hard", therefore "hardened against".

The Latin durus, "hard", has also given English such words as "durable" and "duration" (the period of time during which anything is hard enough to last), and "duress" (hard treatment, or coercion, which forces a person to do something even when he or she doesn't want to do it).

Relating to obstinately pursuing a purpose in spite of appeals to quit.
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Referring to someone who is not easily moved to yield to another person's desire.
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Descriptive of being hardhearted and unyielding to what others want to achieve.
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1. Obstinately or stubbornly pursing a purpose despite the appeals made by another person or other people to stop.
2. Unyielding in feeling or persuasion. (3)