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nonchalant (adjective), more nonchalant, most nonchalant
1. Relating to being unconcerned or uninterested in what is going on: Gerard was surprisingly nonchalant about winning the award as the best athlete of the year.
2. A reference to being relaxed and calm in a way that shows that someone does not care or is not worried about anything: At the graduation ceremony, Sharon spoke to her fellow students and other attendees with the nonchalant ease of a professional speaker.

Adam had a nonchalant attitude that showed little excitement or desire to complete his project at work even though he knew it would result in a very large financial award.

A reference to the lack of enthusiasm or interest.
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Relating to being unconcerned and indifferent.
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Conveying no interest and being indifferent about what is going on.
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Descriptive of someone who is being calm, indifferent and unconcerned about what is going on around him or her. (3)