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necromancy (s) (noun), necromancies (pl)
1. The practice of attempting to communicate with the spirits of the dead in order to predict or influence the future: As entertainment for the evening gathering, Ms. Hester-Jones hired a person to demonstrate necromancy so she could supposedly raise spirits and communicate with them.
2. Witchcraft or sorcery in general: During some periods of history, to be accused of necromancy resulted in some accused practitioners being executed.
Necromancy or death divination.
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Divination by communication with the dead by raising them back to “life” (not as ghosts); early Greeks were supposed to descend into Hades to consult the dead rather than summoning the dead into the mortal sphere again; more recently, it is claimed that ghosts or spirits are summoned to speak to the living.

Magic with the dead.
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Pretended communication with the spirits of the dead.
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Divination or fortune telling which involves the dead or death; any sorcery or witchcraft; particularly sorcery involving raising or reactivating the dead. (2)