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nadir (s) (NAY duhr, NAY dir) (noun), nadirs (pl)
1. Rock bottom, deepest depth, the extreme low point of one’s experience: It became the nadir of the fortunes of many who invested in the stock plunging many investors into bankruptcy.

Efforts by the two political parties to achieve an agreement on the fiscal crisis reached its nadir, with the result that all of the members decided to quit and go home.

2. The worst or lowest point or degree of something: Mary's blood count went to its nadir after the chemotherapy was administered.

The mother's nadir resulted from knowing that her three children and her parents all died when the house caught on fire during the night while they were sleeping.

3. Based on an imaginary sphere indicating the placement of stars, planets, etc.: From the observatory people were able to identify the nadir in the hemisphere as the scientist had explained it.
A time of the lowest point in a person's life.
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A time of greatest depression.
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A time of greatest dejection and sorrow.
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1. The worst or lowest point of something or a time of greatest depression or dejection.
2. A point on the celestial sphere which is directly opposite to the zenith; which is the part of the sky located directly above a person’s head or, “high point”. (3)