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haphazard (adjective), more haphazard, most haphazard
1. Relating to not having a plan; no order or thought out direction: Something that is done in a haphazard manner is not using a system or any regular procedure.

As a student, Jerry had a haphazard organization of books and papers on his desk which made it difficult to for him to focus on the subjects he was supposed to study for his classes.

2. Accidental; random; by chance: The haphazard experiment by the chemistry student proved nothing.

Pete's haphazard searches for words in the online dictionaries usually resulted in confusing definitions.

3. Etymology: formed from earlier English hap, "chance, luck"; from Old Icelandic happ, "chance, good luck" + hazard, "risk, danger, peril".
Happening by chance or whim.
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Referring to anyone who does not have a plan for accomplishing something or doing something at random and by chance without an organized procedure. (1)