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variable (adjective), more variable, most variable
1. Indicating a tendency to deviate, as from a normal or recognized type; aberrant; a description of a species that tends to differ in some way from what is usual: The weather in many areas of the country seems to be quite variable because one day it is nice and warm and then the next day it is gray with cold winds!
2. Characteristic of something that is able, or liable, to change suddenly and unpredictably, or likely to change often: The stock market has variable investments with profits going up and then down, often as a result of statements made by certain government agencies.
3. Descriptive of anything that is inconsistent or uneven in quality or performance; not always the same: Joan's savings account has a variable interest rate which fluctuates daily. 
A changeable or inconsistent .
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Relating to something that changes suddenly and unpredictably without warning. (1)