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vacillating (adjective), more vacillating, most vacillating
1. Referring to being indecisive or irresolute and uncertain in one's mind or opinion: Mike's vacillating tendency makes him a poor leader because no one knows what he really wants to be done.
2. Descriptive of a swaying movement which is unsteady and wavering, tottering, or staggering: Mary's vacillating way of walking on the sidewalk was a result of the uncomfortable shoes that she was wearing.
3. Pertaining to someone who is oscillating or fluctuating; that is, swinging indecisively from one course of action or opinion to another one: George was in a vacillating frame of mind as to whether he should go to the football game tonight or stay home and study for the examinations that he will have to take tomorrow in school.
Tending to waver in what to do.
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Being changeable in deciding.
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Pertaining to being unable to make up one's mind or relating to a failure in deciding what should be done. (2)