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tortuous (adjective), more tortuous, most tortuous
1. A reference to something that has many turns or bends: There are some mountain passes which are tortuous for drivers because of the multitudes of winding curves that exist.

Tortuous reasoning refers to a person's logical thinking which goes in different directions from what some might consider normal or acceptable.

2. Descriptive of anything that is extremely complex or intricate: Some legal arguments presented in court trials can be very tortuous, making them very difficult to understand by those who are not lawyers.
3. Pertaining to being devious or deceitful: Thomas was not very straightforward and he was quite tortuous as he tried to make his wife believe that he loved her even though she knew that he was having a relationship with another woman.
4. Etymology: from Latin tortuosus, from tortus, "twisting, a twist, a winding"; from Latin torquere, "to twist".
Full of twists or curves and winding in different directions.
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A reference to something that has many turns or bends going in different directions; pertaining to being devious or deceitful. (1)