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torpid (adjective), more torpid, most torpid
1. Referring to a lack of physical or mental energy or enthusiasm; slow and apathetic: After several sleepless nights, Mike's brain feels torpid and he is unable to think clearly.
2. Deprived of the power of motion or feeling; drowsy or slow-moving; lethargic: Lying in a hammock under the shady tree sounds like a lovely torpid activity for a hot summer day.
3. Descriptive of a situation of biological rest or suspended activity; such as, animals in a dormant or hibernating condition: In winter, frogs, bears, and some other creatures go into a torpid state as they sleep through the cold season.
4. Etymology: from Latin torpidus, "benumbed"; from torpere, "to be stiff, to be numb".
Inert, apathetic, inactive.
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Having lost power or motion; sluggish.
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Sluggish in functioning; apathetic, dormant, and inactive or deprived of the power of motion. (2)