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tenacious (adjective), more tenacious, most tenacious
1. A reference to something which is not easily pulled apart: The glue gave the broken pieces of the vase tenacious connections so it was almost as good as it was before it fell on the floor.
2. Relating to someone who is persistent and fully focused on achieving his or her objective: Ken was making a tenacious effort to complete his assignments as a reporter despite the dangers he was experiencing in the battle zone.
3. Relating to a machine or a person that is resolute and persistent in achieving a desired result as time and resources permit: The compiler of the contents of the special dictionary is a tenacious worker who is determined to provide much better contents for users who want to improve their vocabulary skills.

Computers are tenacious devices that are capable of retaining large amounts of information and of presenting it whenever a user wants to use it.

4. Physical conditions which cannot be remedied or made better: There are some tenacious ailments that doctors are unable to cure and which last for months or even years and come to an end only when a patient dies.
Tending to hold firmly and strongly; unyielding.
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tenacious (adjective), more tenacious, most tenacious
1. Concerning something that holds parts firmly together; cohesive; sticky: Mary wanted to have some good glue that was very tenacious for mending the bowl she had broken.
2. Relating to something that clings to an object or surface; adhesive: The label on the bottom of the vase was so tenacious that it could hardly be removed!
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Descriptive of something that is not easily pulled apart or someone who is persistent, unyielding, and will not give up. (1)