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supernumerary (adjective), more supernumerary, most supernumerary
1. Conveying an overabundance of the normal or prescribed number of presentations: There were supernumerary or excessive repetitions of broadcasts about the killings of the women and children by the insane soldier.
2. Beyond what a regular body or staff consists of: Paul was hired as a supernumerary assistant, or substitute, for anyone who could not show up for work because of an illness or for any other emergency situation.
3. Exceeding the required or desired number or estimate; superfluous: The supernumerary tornadoes caused great destruction and loss of lives in several areas.
4. Descriptive of a person who appears in a play or film without speaking lines or as part of a crowd; a walk-on; an extra: Jennifer and the other people who were in the background of the street scene of the movie were supernumerary actors.
Extra or exceeding the number expected.
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Beyond a fixed number or superfluous.
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Exceeding the required or normal number of things or people. (2)