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sordid (adjective), more sordid, most sordid
1. Demonstrating the worst aspects of human nature, such as, immorality, selfishness, and greed: The head of the gang operated a sordid entertainment complex where he encouraged people to gamble and lose their money and reputations.
2. Squalid, dirty, filthy, and depressing: Despite growing up in a sordid and poor neighborhood, the young woman went to school and became a teacher.
3. Morally ignoble or base; vile; used figuratively to mean immoral or dishonest: The evil man used sordid methods to entice new immigrants to work for him, but unfortunately he exploited or took advantage of them.
4. Meanly selfish, self-seeking, or mercenary: The sordid ambitions of Brent Kent's business resulted in his exploiting the needs of the underpaid workers.
5. Referring to a dull, dirty, or muddy hue: Sailing down the river, Jason could hardly believe how sordid and polluted the water looked.
6. Etymology: from Latin sordes, "dirt."
Despicable, vile, and filthy.
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Despicable, vile, filthy, and showing the worst aspects of human nature; such as, immorality, selfishness, and greed. (1)