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pathological, pathologic (adjective); more pathological, most pathological; more pathologic, most pathologic
1. Concerning a person who is extreme in a way which is not normal or that indicates an illness or a mental problem: Sam's cousin is known to be a pathological gambler who is more interested in going to casinos as often as possible instead of staying home with his wife and children.

Mark's little boy had developed the tendency to be a pathological liar who could not be trusted to tell the truth about anything.

2. Relating to a disease: Sue has a pathologic condition that requires medical attention.
3. A reference to the study of diseases: Dr. Smith was involved in the diagnosis of the pathological epidemic that had spread in so many African countries.
A disease or a compulsive habit of tell lies.
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Conveying a compulsive illness or mental problem which is not normal. (1)