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invidious (adjective), more invidious, most invidious
1. Pertaining to something that makes, or implies, an unfair distinction; conveying insulting feelings: In the art class, comparing Jane's work to Mark's resulted in invidious feelings between them.
2. Unpleasant because producing, or likely to produce, jealousy, resentment, or hatred in other people: Henry made invidious remarks about Sam's efforts to reform the system of payments for the company's project because he was quite envious of Sam and said that the reform was not feasible and it was a waste of time and effort. 
3. Etymology: from Latin invidiosus, "envious"; from invidia, "ill will"; which came from in-, "upon" + videre, "to see".
Tending to be offensive and rousing ill will.
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Producing ill will and offense.
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Causing animosity or discontent.
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Insulting or causing bad feelings, resentment, or hatred in another person. (3)