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invertebrate (adjective), more invertebrate, most invertebrate
1. A reference to animals that do not have a backbone: There are groups of animals with vertebrae, or backbones consisting of small bones fitted together like little beads on a string; and then there are many creatures of different shapes and sizes that do not have backbones, and they are classified as invertebrate animals.

Some invertebrate species include moths, butterflies, spiders, crayfish, and snails; all of which do not have internal skeletons to support their bodies.

2. Descriptive of those who are "spineless" and who cannot make difficult decisions or they do not have the courage or determinations necessary to fulfill the tasks: There are too many invertebrate people who don't have the "backbones" necessary to overcome difficulties and to achieve success even with important objectives.
Weak, lacking courage; having no backbone.
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Relating to animals that lack a backbone; referring to people who are spineless or irresolute; that is, unable to act or to make a decision in a firm manner. (1)