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fawning (adjective), more fawning, most fawning
Pertaining to displaying exaggerated flattery or affection in an obsequious manner or as if one were a slave or humble servant: The employees were giving special attention to and behaving in a fawning way to the new chief executive of the company.

When the Hollywood stars entered the hotel, the employees were giving more fawning services than they usually do for other famous people.

The wealthy man was surrounded by a group of fawning company representatives in order to encourage him to invest in their business.

Excessive slave-like flattering attention given to someone who is famous, wealthy, etc.
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Showing exaggerated flattery or affection in an obsequious or slave-like way by praising someone too much and giving a lot of attention that is usually not sincere to another person; especially, in order to receive a favorable result. (1)