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errant (adjective), more errant, most errant
1. Relating to a deviation from a regular or a proper course; straying: Fortunately the mother saw her errant child leaving through what was supposed to be a locked gate and wandering over to the neighbor's yard before he went too far away.
2. Characterized by behaving improperly: Teresa's errant husband finally arrived home after having consumed too much alcohol at the local bar.
3. Pertaining to a journeying or traveling in quest of an adventure: Ralph was considered to be an errant traveler who spent his summer vacations hiking in a different national park every year.
4. A reference to an aimless or a lightly changing manner: The errant breeze was blowing in the area.
Roving in search of adventure or straying from a proper course.
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Wandering in search of adventure; as, knights-errant.
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Not following a regular or a proper course; straying; behaving improperly; journeying or traveling in quest of adventure or roving adventurously. (2)