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amorphous (adjective), more amorphous, most amorphous
1. Having no definite form; shapeless, formless: Lying on his back in the grassy field, Brendan could watch the amorphous clouds float overhead.
2. Not belonging to a particular type or pattern: Toby's amorphous commitment to regularly paid employment was difficult to understand.
3. Of no particular kind or character; indeterminate; having no pattern or structure; unorganized: Kari has an amorphous style of writing; as well as, an amorphous personality.
4. In petrology, a mineral occurring in a mass, as without stratification, form, or crystalline structure: The amorphous layer of sand was mixed with an unidentified hard substance which made drilling for natural gas difficult.
Shapeless, having no definite form.
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Without a proper shape or figure.
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Presenting no definite form; being shapeless or formless. (2)